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Wall Street Express

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Find your perfect internship

Investment banking internships are hard to come by, but we make it easy for you to land the job of your dreams.

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with investment banking and M&A internship opportunities in the US.

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Planning to go abroad for internship?

Wall Street Express offers a wide range of opportunities in finance, including banking and M&A. If you're interested in exploring investment banking and M&A internships, then Wall Street Express is the right place for you.

Internship opportunities in US

Wall Street Express specializes in recruiting international students for Wall Street internships. We are committed to providing excellent internship experience with great opportunities to explore new areas of finance, such as investment banking, M&A and other fields.

The best way to prepare for your dream job

We offer internship preparation that includes interview training, presentation skills, networking skills, etc., so you will be fully prepared when you arrive at your dream job.

Specialised for international students from China

If you're a student from China who wants to study overseas and explore investment banking career on the other side of the world, Wall Street Express is the best choice.

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  Resumes, LinkedIn, Interview Preparation, First Class Recommendations

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- Shiyu

"Wall Street Express really opened my eyes to what internships were all about. The remote internship experience yielded benefits I never would have seen by myself and helped me secure a position at an investment bank. I am also now accepted into a Master's program that deals with financial knowledge & am looking forward to the future."

- Lichen

Wall Street Express taught me more than I ever thought possible during my internship. I was able to work on the company's proprietary trading models, an opportunity that would not have been available to me without Wall Street Express. They provided remote internships that made it possible for me to balance my studies with a successful career; ensuring I had the best chance of getting into a top-tier global investment bank when applying for a position there.

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