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Why I want to design Yeh Chi Wei's Archives website?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Why I want to design Yeh Chi Wei's Archives website?

There are only 2 main reasons that I wanted to design a website to showcase Yeh Chi Wei.

First, there is no such comprehensive Singapore artist website found in internet. So, if you want to research about any artist, you have to search the whole internet for articles, artwork and whatever you deem is right for your research and then piece them together. It is time consuming and very tiring. So, wouldn't it be nice to have a website that has all the information that you need? Also by creating the first comprehensive website about one of the Singapore pioneer artists, I am hoping by then there will be more of this kind of websites popping out. These artists are our national treasure, they are the ones silently shaping our art scene. However, not many people know them because not many information about them available.

Second, as a fellow Chung Cheng High School alma mater, I heard about him and visited his

exhibition in 2016 when the school and alumni jointed organised an exhibition of his works. I was fascinated by his paintings. Though not having.a clue of what his paintings mean, it left a deep impression in me. In late 2014, I have a chance to come back to school to help out scanning yearbooks from 1943 to 2000. Again, I came across Mr. Yeh Chi Wei. From the yearbooks, I got to know Mr. Yeh was an arts teacher and is one of Singapore pioneer artist. Decided to google about him but sad to say, I only found a handful and most of it are brief details of the exhibition of "The Story of Yeh Chi Wei", nothing more. Search the National Library's Newspaper archives, then found there are quite an amount of information about Mr. Yeh's exhibitions. Hence, I was thinking how can I get all his information and compile into one database? Then came a chance in 2019, I was invited by Mr. Teo Lian Kiat, fellow alma mater, sculptor and also an Arts teacher in Chung Cheng to a lunch gathering and met Mr. Yeh's son, Yeh Toh Yen. That's how it started.

In Mar 2020, as Mr. Yeh Toh Yen has a vast variety of materials about his father, we decide to launch a website for Mr. Yeh Chi Wei to showcase all his works. Since then, the website has been updating material almost everyday. Till date, most of his information are updated and at this moment, I am scanning his photographs. I will be uploading them according to their content to various pages.

This designing process has help me to understand Mr. Yeh Chi Wei's life more than ever and I am glad I have made the right decision, it also help me to polish my web design skills.

The website is now currently active, Feel free to browse and give comment.

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