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Why I choose WIX to design customer's websites?

Since the start of my business in September 2020, I have created 4 registered domain(including my website, Clapperboard Productions), 1 bearing, using WIX Editor and 1 Editor X.

These websites are:

1. Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine Singapore (Wix designed)

An association consists of professional Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors holding either at least 1 TCM PhD or Masters in renowned Medical University in Beijing, Nanjing and Guangzhou.

2. Specialist Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic (Wix designed)

This TCM clinic is an affiliation of Society Traditional Chinese Medicine Singapore. The clinic consists of doctors in various TCM specialised medical fields. Each one of them are expert in their specialised medicine.

3. Sumari Sense (Wix designed)

A website that sells fragrance that spice up your life, supercharged your energy field, brings joy and wealth into your life.

4. Stories By Children (Editor X designed)

A learning and growing space for children author aged 5-12. The website is desktop, tablet, and mobile friendly; also contains interactive elements. It also allow students and parents to interact with the teacher. Founded by Chen Yuanhui, an ex HOD (Aesthetics Education) and Art & Chinese Language Educator, MOE, 2004 - 2015.

Educational programmes: ​1. Storybook creation workshops (writing & illustration) 2. Art classes 3. English, Chinese & Bilingual creative writing classes 4. English & Chinese core classes

Nurture and cultivate children in the following ways:

  • ​​Inter-disciplinary transfer and metacognition (a key 21st century skill)

  • Social emotional learning (SEL)

  • Creativity, imagination and resilience

  • English & Chinese foundation building (e.g., vocabulary and grammatical knowledge, sentence construction, composition and compositional structure)

  • Bilingual expression, facilitating language use in English and Chinese

  • Art creation skills and techniques

  • ​Art expression and writing as contributors to wellbeing

5. Yeh Chi Wei's Archives (Wix designed)

First in Singapore to showcase one of Singapore pioneer artist, Yeh Chi Wei paintings, artworks and collections. The website also consists of rare photographs of the exhibitions, tour and personal life; contains articles that he wrote to various media and also some manuscripts about his research in Western artists.

And my own website,

6. Clapperboard Productions (Wix designed)

Mainly listing of my services, clients, nature of projects done since 2014 till present.

All started with pretty awfully ugly, dull and non-attention grabbing designs, only changes after browsing through the WIX templates for design inspirations.

Through the vast variety of templates, I am able to use them and modify towards customers' requirements, except Stories By Children. It was created with a customer's wireframe and modify and add various functions throughout the design stage.

WIX is a powerful web design platform for everyone. However, the ideal web design will be Webflow. Webflow has a lot of advance features that allows you to create Apple, DJI, like websites etc. The cost of have a Webflow-styled website is much higher than WIX. If you just need a simple, responsive, interactive, and no-fuss website, WIX is the one you should choose. This is the only one that let you design a fully featured and function website free of charge, the only catch is it will contain a or extensive for those free websites, such as Stories By Children and Yeh Chi Wei's Archives's website.

Take note, Stories By Children still bear my website link is because customer has further ideas that she may want to include, waiting for her further instructions.

WIX also have their own app market, showcasing their own app, such as WIX Counter, Blog, Forum, Multilingual, Booking, Menu, etc. They also allow third party apps to be in their marketplace, allowing customers to use for free or paid subscription.

WIX currently is adding more new features to their Editor and Editor X, constantly offering 50% discount to WIX users. It cost less than SGD110.00 per year when you host your site with them with a dedicated domain name (1st year free), subsequent year is also less than SGD250.00 (hosting fee + domain name fee).

So far, my clients are very satisfied with the designs and I hope I can get more projects as time goes by.

My website design fees are affordable and I am able to accommodate to your requirements.

Call me or drop me a text at 98731078 or you may just drop a next in the comment box below, I will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you.

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