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What an exciting year 2021!

July 10, 2021 will be another milestone I have achieved since I started my website design, video and photo editing business.

Since I started my business in September 24, 2020, I was blessed with so many help from friends and alma maters. I was asked to design name cards, websites, festive greetings clips, video and photo edit and even doing a wedding videography (one and only exclusively to my childhood friend, Stanley Su Miao Hoe's son, Stanton Su and his wife)!

On July 10, 2021, a website that I designed, Yeh Chi Wei Archives was featured in Lianhe Zaobao. It was about Singapore artists' websites initiated by their children to commemorate their parents contribution to local art scene. ! was commissioned by Yeh Toh Yen, son of Yeh Chi Wei to design the website.

The website content was also mentioned and a lot of it were featured exclusively in the website.

From layout to selecting what to be in the website were the most difficult process, after discussing with Mr. Yeh, who also my alma mater, we decide for the content, we simply upload everything he has.

Henceforth, this website is constantly updating with new materials every month. However, the website is currently online, you may wish to check it out and revisiting every month for new materials.

I am currently uploading all the photos that Mr Yeh has given me, it will be complete by July 31, 2021. After that, will be his art collection, including paintings, ceramic collection, sculptures and his personal painting case and his seals

Frankly speaking, there are not many websites featuring a full collection of individual Singapore pioneer artist. Imagine if a researcher need to do research, he or she has to surf all over the internet and then piece up all the information that he or she has gather and write his thesis or article, it will consume a lot of time. With a comprehensive website, it will definitely reduced the amount of time and the thesis or article will definitely rich in content, more interesting to read..

I hope by setting up this website will get the ball start rolling and hopefully to see more of our artists websites flourish in the local art scene.

Or, after reading this and you want to do your website, you can call or text me at 98731078. I can be accommodating and definitely will fit your budget.

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