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Web Design has never been easier than before

We can design our own website easily nowadays.

WIX is the only free full fledge web designer online platform that you ever need.



WIX is totally free and you can do need to pay a single cent if you do not mind having as an extension to your web page, eg,

The rest of the similar platforms, such as Elementor, Webflow, GoDaddy and etc. You cannot have a full stack website.

Code Free Design

WIX has a lot of functions and features that no one can offer in this market.

All you need is select your desired functions and features, drag and drop to the workspace, add in your content, and THAT"S IT!

They even have a Editor X, which allows designers to create more responsive and interactive websites.

You can even learn VELO, a customised code developer tool for you to write specific functions for your web page. It is easy to learn if you have coding knowledge, otherwise, you can follow their instructional videos and tutorials to master the code.

Editor X

WIX launched this platform in beta format nearly 3 years ago and now it is officially available to everyone. Same as WIX, it has its own extension, should you choose not to pay the hosting fees. It is also a fully function and allow VELO to be added website. They have just launched a more friendly Academy X (Editor X self-learning platform).

Visit their website to find out more.


WIX Video Channel

Create Your Pro Website with Wix

WIX Editor X Academy X

Understand the basics and you can create a responsive and interactive professional website.


I have been using WIX Editor since 2014 till now, creating websites for Specialist Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre (a TCM clinic), Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine Singapore (a TCM Association), and Sumari Sense,

I also started to use Editor X in April 2021.

With its more advanced features and able to design different breakpoints, I started to offer this service to clients who wanted a more interactive and responsive websites.

I designed an Editor X based website for my friend, Chen Yuanhui's Stories By Children (, a children language teaching platform, where kids learn how to use English and/or Chinese to tell a story through a self-design book, audio or video. Yuan Hui also teach how to enhance kid's vocabulary through textbook, and learn Chinese through a discovery journey where she meets interesting people, places and food in various parts of Singapore. You may wish to find out more about her classes by visiting her website.

Currently, I am working on compiling one of Singapore pioneer artist, Yeh Chi Wei's artworks, collections, articles, photographs, media news, and any other related material into his website (


Need a website designer who can accommodate to your budget?

Call me or text me at 98731078, or use chatbot on the right bottom corner, or simply drop a text below







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